Approximately 72 million Americans planned on using an RV in 2022. Recreational vehicles (RVs) are a great way to travel since they're both your accommodation and transportation.

But now, more people are looking at living in them full-time. With increases in remote working and the cost of living getting higher every year, RVs are a much cheaper living option. The best full-time living RV option is a class C RV. 

But, you've got to be careful that you're choosing the right one since full-time living has different needs than a vacation.

Keep reading to learn the top 4 tips for choosing the best class C RV for full-time living!

1. Size of Your RV

Figuring out the right size for an RV for full-time living can be tricky. You want enough space so that you don't feel cramped all the time. But you don't want it to be too big that it's a struggle to drive, find parking, or afford fuel. 

It's a good idea to rent out and do a few shorter trips in RVs of different sizes. This way you can make sure you have a good understanding of your needs in terms of space. 

2. Layout of Your RV

There are a few popular layouts for a class C RV. Consider how the layout will impact privacy, sleeping arrangements, your kitchen area, and your sitting space. Sometimes not all of these will be possible. 

It's usually pretty simple if you're a couple, but if you've got kids or pets, it can get tricky. 

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3. Stationery Setup

Think about how your RV sets up when you're parked. Most of the time, it's not a quick or easy setup. 

Automatic stabilizers are a great way to speed things up. 

You'll also need to consider things like the slides, or pieces that extend out of your RV. These might be extra tables or awnings, so you can extend your living to the space just outside the RV too. 

4. Ability to Boondock

Boondocking means using your RV without it needing to be connected to anything. This gives you more freedom for traveling, but it means your RV needs to be more self-sustaining. 

Boondocking means you'll need a much bigger water tank, propane tank, and space for extra installations. You'll also have to install batteries, inverters, and solar panels, which you need space for. 

Choosing the Best Class C RV for Full-Time Living

To get the best out of your RV experience, you've got to choose the best class C RV for full-time living. 

An important feature to consider is the size of the RV so that you don't get stuck with something too big or small. The interior layout is also important. Also consider comfort things like the freedom to travel anywhere, and how easily your RV is set up for camping. 

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