It's not easy to convince someone to use your law firm. People have countless options, so you must do whatever possible to stand out. And when 39% of firms say they will increase marketing, that makes getting started on the internet even more critical.

Are you looking to grow your law practice and unsure of how to use the internet to do so? Read the guide below to learn how to use a digital marketing strategy to grow your law firm.

Build a Website

A website should be your first priority when marketing your law firm online. It acts as a salesperson that doesn't sleep and informs your potential clients about your firm.

It's easy to start one with WordPress and a free theme. However, you can also work with a designer to make something that stands out. Your goal should be to push people to contact your firm to get more information about your services.

Create a Blog

You can do more with your website than advertise your services. People regularly search on Google for common legal problems and solutions. If you can create website content that answers those questions, you may be able to get some of those individuals as clients.

Keyword research tools will tell you the common questions people ask. Create blogs answering those questions and SEO optimize your website to rank. When you do, you may be able to rank higher and get search engine traffic.

This law firm marketing agency can tell you more about getting search engine traffic.

Use Google Maps

It isn't enough to rank for local keywords. People often head straight to Google Maps to find results for local businesses. It pays to be on those results if you want new customers.

But you won't show up there automatically. Sign up for a Google My Business account to confirm your business location. From there, you can enter your law firm information and show up on the map results.

Invest in Paid Ads

One of the issues with sticking with organic traffic generation methods is the time it takes to work. This is especially true for SEO. It may take months to see results.

If you want results sooner rather than later, you'll need to pay for eyeballs. You can do this with paid ads. Sign up for Google PPC to drive immediate traffic to your law firm.

Encourage Reviews

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, and you can use the power of the internet to make it even better. Now that you have a Google profile, you can get reviews for your firm there.

Encourage your satisfied clients to leave positive reviews there. This will increase your firm's profile and make it more trustworthy.

Grow Your Law Practice With Digital Marketing Today

It's not easy to grow a law practice when there's so much competition out there. You need to do everything you can to stand out, but it's hard to make a name for yourself when you don't know how to handle marketing for law firms.

But now that you know more about digital law practice marketing, you should be better equipped to use the internet. Use the tips above today, or reach out to a digital marketing agency to get help.

Head to the blog if you want to find other marketing advice that will help you grow your firm.